KAT Walk Premium(sold out)


The KAT WALK Premium, the World's leading VR ODT(Omni-directional Treadmill), breaks the barrier between the real and virtual worlds.

  • Supports multiple body postures
  • Experience infinite space of VR world
  • Continuous content support using dedicated gaming platform (Supports STEAM)
  • Wide range of applications (FPS, Advanture, Sports, Training, Construction, Tourism, etc)
  • 3 independent signals (Head, Body, Feet, Legs)
  • Tracking witout any delay

Wider Vertical Range

The KAT WALK Premium allows for a wider vertical range, meaning you can crouch lower, and jump higher!

Natural Walking Experience

The special alloy baseplate in combination with our KAT Shoes & KAT Shoe Covers provide the perfect friction coefficient for a natural walking experience.

Slick Futuristic Design

The KAT WALK Premium comes with a slick futuristic design that will certainly capture everyone’s attention.



KAT FIRE attachment for VIVE controller

KAT shoes, and shoes cover


Detail Infomation KAT Walk Premium
weight 214kg (472lbs)
Weight Limit 100kg(220lbs) at most
Height 280m(9’2”)
Height Limit 150-190cm(4’11”-6’3”)
Area 2.76 square meters
Age Limit 9.55 years old
Data Interfade USB 2.0 / 3.0
Refresh Rate 1000Hz
Manufacture: S.Korea, China

Supported games

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