KAT Walk mini


The KAT Walk mini is the world's first universally compatible tredmill for VR that doesn’t restrict your body and arms movement.

  • Light open frame design
  • Supports multiple body postures, and rotation angle of 360 degrees
  • 3 independent operating signals
  • Compatible with major HMDs (VIVE, Oculus, PIMAX, Samsung Gear VR)
  • Provides all-in-one platform

Smaller and lighter

The mini comes in a smaller and lighter design, allowing it to fit in even the smallest rooms.

Unlock Infinite Spaces

Freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, strafe and walk, backwards, crouch or even get down to take cover or pick items up.

Smart & Safe

The smart design is constantly reacting to every more you make.


Product Name KAT Walk mini
Supported Games(PC) 30
Supported HMD VALVE Index, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus, Pimax, WMR, PSVR, etc. (Need to verify with us, if you are using HMD thats not listed above)
Weight Limit(KG) ≤130
Installation Area(CM) 150*150*158
Space Area(㎡) 1.76
Power(KW) 2.5
Voltage(V) 220
Weight(KG) 85


Supported games

Recruitment of local Agents

We are recruiting local agents for KAT VR treadmill in Korea. If you are interested, please contact the following number. Thank you.

  • ICT Business Development Team, Seung-uk Choi (suchoi@frontis.co.kr)

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