KAT loco S


KAT loco S is a next-generation Walk-On-Spot VR locomotion system. Enabling you to physically move through open worlds and take any other actions you might need in virtual adventures, the loco S makes gaming more immersive and exciting than ever! Get yours and take full physical control over movement in VR!

Smaller and lighter

The mini comes in a smaller and lighter design, allowing it to fit in even the smallest rooms.

Unlock Infinite Spaces

Freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, strafe and walk, backwards, crouch or even get down to take cover or pick items up.

Smart & Safe

The smart design is constantly reacting to every more you make.


Product Name KAT loco S
Product Weight 35g/1.23oz each
Dimensions 50mm/1.97in(diameter)*24mm/0.94in
Wireless Bluetooth 4.2
Latency ≤20ms
Signal Range 3 meters
Receiver USB 2.0 and above
Battery type Lithium-ion polymer batteries
Battery capacity 370mAh
Battery life 7 hours of continuous use / 50 days on standby
Charging 1 hour
Charging voltage/current 5V/0.5A

Product Features

KAT loco S

  • Walk physically through virtual worlds
  • 2nd generation sensor technology
  • Universally compatible
  • keyboard & gamepad support


Supported games

Recruitment of local Agents

We are recruiting local agents for KAT VR treadmill in Korea. If you are interested, please contact the following number. Thank you.

  • ICT Business Development Team, Seung-uk Choi (suchoi@frontis.co.kr)

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