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Our Unique range of tracked input devices supported by sophisticated software utilities means that we provide the best possible integration with your immersive virtual environment. Our broad range of adapted targets for different brands of stereo glasses shows our special dedication to the VR market. Or you can bring your own target and track it with any of our systems. We are happy to assist in defining proper geometries for your custom targets.


  • for haptic feedback in your VR applications
  • compatibility with high frame rates of ARTTRACK5
  • intensity of the vibration can be controlled
    • various sizes for finger thimbles
    • fully supported, i.e. including vibro-tactile feedback, in Tech Viz and IC.IDO
  • Fingertracking support in Siemens PS, DeltaGen, EON (cube 8, IC.IDO, IPSI Server, Virtalis, VR Concept • further VR codes in preparation


  • six programmable buttons maximises functionality with your 3D software
  • analogue "top hat" joystick for intuitive virtual world navigation
  • up to eight Flystick2 can be used together in collaborative sessions
  • "hot swap" rechargeable batteries for uninterrupted use
  • wireless operation as standard, but a wired version is available for secure areas
  • lightweight and ergonomic


  • four programmable buttons to maximise functionality with your 3D software
  • analogue "top hat" joystick for intuitive virtual world navigation to extremely light-weight (1209) wireless interaction device
  • base station charging unit for easy location
  • two different passive target geometries available for multiple user sessions


  • individual 6DOF targets - no lycra body suit needed!
  • 6DOF targets track the body's limbs
  • absolute position of the human body
  • use your tracking data directly in real-time, without the need for post processing
  • compatible with Fingertracking


  • spherical
  • coated spherical
  • flat (i.e. stickers)
  • active flat :
    • long range
    • outdoor
  • single LED markers :
    • short range


  • passive reflective
    • glasses targets
      • one size fits all (generic targets)
      • adapted clip-on for popular brands of stereo glasses
    • hand & tree targets
    • customised targets
  • with active LEDs
    • call us to discuss your custom requirement
    • evaluation kit available

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